Montsec Astronomical Park

The exceptional characteristics of Montsec sky have allowed it to be awarded STARLIGHT Tourist Destination category.

Photo: Salvador RibasPhoto: Salvador Ribas

“El Sistema de Certificación Turística Starlight se creó con el objetivo de fomentar, en todo el planeta, la mejora de la calidad de las experiencias turísticas y la protección de los cielos nocturnos en los Destinos Starlight.”

Enjoy a night of stars. It is as simple as stretching yourself at any point around the complex, wait 5 minutes and watching the show around you.

The sky in all its splendour

If you like the stars and everything that surrounds them, you cannot miss the visit to COU (Universe Observing Centre) at Montsec Astronomical Park, located in Àger.

During the visit you will enjoy the 3D digital planetarium with a mobile dome, telescope park, astronomy exhibition and Starlight room.

Photo: Laurent SansenPhoto: Laurent Sansen
Photo: Mar TapiaPhoto: Mar Tapia
Photo: Laurent SansenPhoto: Laurent Sansen

You cannot miss it!

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