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Nougats and sweets

Alemany Nougats and Honey

It is a company located in Os de Balaguer which makes artisan nougats and selects honey from the best beekeepers for five generations ago.

One of the most outstanding characteristics of the Nougats is that the pasta has a characteristic white that is achieved thanks to a recipe from the 19th century. Its preparation includes slow cooking, local nuts and rosemary honey to get its particular taste.

Regarding Honey, they have created a Gourmet line and they have specialized in mono floral honeys. These two products have been awarded the Great Taste Awards on several occasions.

Also, you can find other products such as sweetsour, honeyoil, natural and coated nuts, chocolate and caramels.

Vicens Nougats

Turrones Vicens is a family business located in Agramunt that produces nougats and stone chocolate since 1775.

In their products they use natural ingredients and they follow the traditional manufacturing process. This process has been passed from generation to generation to obtain high quality products.

Another outstanding product is stone chocolate, where its name is given because in its elaboration the cocoa bean is crushed on a granite stone. In addition, they have expanded their range of products, made by hand with quality and proximity raw materials. Today it has more than 150 references.

Located next to the factory, there is the nougat and chocolate museum. There you can learn about the history of these two products, the history of the company and see a reconstruction of the workshop that was used in 1933.

Olive oil

Oil is one of the star products of the Noguera. The region has more than 1,500 hectares of planted olive trees and with about twenty varieties where Arbequina, Verdiell and Picual predominate. That is why, we find numerous companies dedicated to producing and sell the product.

Alsina i Fills oil mill

Located in Castello de Farfanya, the mill was born in 1945. It is a producer of high-quality oils internationally recognized as one of the best in the world.

The mill has a wide variety of Premium quality extra virgin olive oils, some more classic and others more daring. In addition, you can find other products such as traditional chocolate, nuts and different types of honey oil.

It highlights its commitment to the environment and its commitment to developing a sustainable production plan.

There is the option of taking guided tours of the factory, with an explanation of the entire process of making the oil, and then tasting the different types of oils that are made in the mill.

Macià oil mill

A business where the 4th generation of the family currently works. Currently, the mill is located on the outskirts of Artesa de Segre.

The new building is designed to produce a high-quality oil, applying the latest cold extraction technologies to obtain extra virgin olive oil. They work always keeping the extraction temperature below 25ºC and the subsequent storage in an isothermal cellar at temperatures between 15ºC and 17ºC.

It should be noted their care in the development of products. Oils, Vinegars or Olives are made with all the passion and respect for the fruit and in optimal conditions to have no alteration in the final product.

Pau oil mill

The Pau mill, located in the town of Os de Balaguer, is heir to the tradition and work of generations dedicated to the production of extra virgin olive oil.

It produces oil, especially with Arbequina olives and olives of other varieties like verdiell 15% and grossal 5% and the result is a greenish oil with an intense taste.

It stands out the care in the whole process and in its subsequent storage in stainless steel underground tanks before proceeding to its packaging. It seeks to offer a quality service that allows satisfying the needs of the most demanding clients.

Bellcaire d’Urgell oil mill

The mill, located below Almenara mountain range, in the town of Bellcaire d’Urgell, is a family business dedicated to the production of top quality olive oil since 1929.

It elaborates its extra virgin oil with Arbequina, verdiells and grossals olives by first extraction in cold and decantation. The entire production process is carried out without coming into contact with any material other than stainless steel, preserving the properties of the oil, flavour and aroma.


Costers del Sió winery

The property, located in a landscape of great beauty, is located in the Balaguer district and has been producing high quality wines since 1992.

"The love we feel for this land is what inspires us to look after our vineyards like precious jewels, and they give us their best fruit in the form of wine." Juan and José María, Costers del Sió Winery.

Its high-tech facilities allow them to work each batch of grapes individually, a fact that makes the result the best of each wine.

Possibility of taking guided tours and tastings. 

Castell del Remei winery

It is a centuries-old winery located in the municipality of Penelles in a historic property with the Denomination of Origin Costers del Segre, where the first vestiges date back to 1780.

World reference winery, which was one of the first to produce and label aging.

Ideal to enjoy guided tours and wine tasting, also nature walks combined with its cultural offer through exhibitions and numerous events that are organized.


Verit Fruit

It is a company formed by a family of farmers from Bellcaire d'Urgell, where in addition to selling fruit and vegetables, they make artisan jam.

It produces twenty varieties of jam with the best product bringing innovation and enhancing the fruit of the land.

This product has been awarded on different occasions: Great Taste Awards 2019, Word Marmelade Awards of Japan and Austràlia, as well as five other quality awards in England and Austràlia.

Cal Cabàs

Cal Cabàs is a 19th century farmhouse located in Boada, Vilanova de Meià municipality, whose philosophy is to develop and cultivate its gardens naturally to produce the best products.

Handcrafted jams, garnishes, bakery and pastry without preservatives or dyes.

Its jams stand out, produced from their own orchards and gardens located on the same farm.


Cheese from Clua

Between the Ariet Valley and Baldomar, the town of Clua de Meià appears embedded under the rock and above a cliff.

The cheese factory, with a long experience in the production of cheeses, has great recognition. It has been awarded on different occasions due to the quality and good taste of its cheese made from raw goat milk. In addition, its building produces natural yogurts.

Possibility of guided visits (upon reservation) to its facilities where the entire cheese-making process is explained and the maturing and production cellar is shown.

Monber Cheese

Located in Agramunt, it is a family business that produces goat milk products from the farm following a traditional process since 2000.

It has fresh cheeses such as cottage cheese, fresh cheese and overcooked, and cured cheese with raw and pasteurized milk.

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