Lakes Train

Discover the Montsec mountains by train

It is a journey of about two hours that allows you to go back in time, aimed at all those railway and nature lovers. The trip take place from Lleida Lands to the Pre-Pyrenees lakes: departure through the Segrià flat territory, cross Noguera and Montsec and arrives at Pobla de Segur, the heart of Pallars Jussà.


Diesel locomotives 10817 and 10820.
Locomotives carry four vintage cars of the 6000 series, a cafeteria-car with several seats and tables from which landscape can be observed, as well as a postal van.



Lleida-La Pobla de Segur railway line goes back to the project of linking the city of Lleida with Saint Girons (France) through the Port de Salou.
This was inaugurated on February of 1924 but it was only built Lleida-Balaguer section. Years later and after the Civil War, Renfe continued the works in order to arrive in 1949 to Cellers, next year Tremp and finally on 1951 to La Pobla de Segur.
In spite of the real possibility to make the line arrive one more stretch until Sort, the cross-border project that had to reach Saint Girons (France) was discarded.



The functioning dates are from April to October (depending on season).



As the capacity of El Tren dels Llacs is limited, it is required to do the booking in advance.

    • Barcelona
      Espai Provença
      Provença FGC station (Balmes - Rosselló hall)
      Timetable: Mon-Fri 9h-13h and 15:30h-19:30h (Saturdays and Sundays closed)
      Phone: +34 93 366 45 53
      24 hours' phone: 012

    • Lleida
      Catalunya's Tourist office - Lleida
      Information Point and sale
      Pl. Edil Saturnino, 1 25007 (opposite Lleida-Pirineus Station)
      Phone: +34 973 24 88 40 - +34 973 03 29 97

      Information Point - Seu Vella
      Phone: +34 973 23 84 46

      Information Point - Lleida-Alguaire Airport
      Phone: +34 973 03 27 44

  • La Pobla de Segur
    Tourist office
    Av. Verdaguer 35
    Timetable: Mon-Fri 9h-15h; Sat 9h-14h (Sundays closed)
    Phone: +34 973 68 02 57

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