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Sanitary ware

The campsite has two modern and complete sanitary buildings equipped with showers and toilets with hot water, bathtubs and baby changing facilities, disabled toilets and chemical toilets. As well as in colder times, both buildings are equipped with an efficient heating system.

In addition, each building has a laundry area equipped with sinks, a washer and dryer that work with tokens.

It is necessary to emphasise that each sanitary building have a family and disabled bathroom. They have all the comforts and amenities such as baby changers and secure systems for a comfortable use. 

Bathtub and changing table for babies.Bathtub and changing table for babies.

And in order to enjoy completely your vacations, you have on your disposal one express dishwasher that performs efficiently in just 5 minutes. It works with tokens.

We have a cleaning service that guarantees maximum hygiene in facilities.

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