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Our services

Camping La Noguera offers a wide range of services so you don't have to worry about anything and enjoy every moment of your stay.

Wi-Fi zone

We have Wi-Fi throughout the complex; in the Bungalows, in the tent pitches, caravan and motorhome pitches, in the Cabanes, in the Bar and in the Restaurant, also in the swimming pool, the playground and the gym.

The free zone (Hotzone_Café network) can be found in the restaurant, bar and terrace. You can ask for your password to access the same restaurant or reception.

To access the Wi-Fi throughout the campsite, you can consult the rates and buy your forfeit at reception.

31 antennas spread throughout the resort so you do not miss the connection.31 antennas spread throughout the resort so you do not miss the connection.

Coffee Shop Bar Terrace

The coffee shop and its large terrace are one of the main meeting points of the complex. Enjoy all kinds of snacks, drinks and coffees throughout the year.

The terrace is equipped with three large umbrellas (25m2 each) that give a very nice shade during the sunny days. In addition, the good location of this is perfect for watching the little ones while playing in the outdoor playground.


The resort has a small must-have store.

It also has an oven to buy freshly baked bread and pastries.You can also buy fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and sausages.

In addition, worth noting is the ability to order dishes and pizzas for take away.

Store with necessities.Store with necessities.


Both service buildings have a laundry area with sinks, a washer and a dryer. Both work with special coins.

This two equipment offer a cleaning service that guarantees maximum hygiene.

Washer, dryer and laundry.Washer, dryer and laundry.

Outdoor playground

In front of the terrace of the restaurant you will find a park for the little ones in the house to have fun.

It is equipped with several castles with slides, swings, docks of different types, among others. Perfect for playing for kids and running safely. Perfect for children, to play and run safely.

Outdoor playground.Outdoor playground.

For your motorhome

Water change service with a drinking water point, gray water treatment and a chemical sink.

You can check the rates at the campsite reception.

For your pet

Equipment for showering your pet. With a bathtub of medium height, points to tie it and a trough.

Pet shower.Pet shower.

Car washer

A pressure water point is available for washing bicycles, vehicles and caravans.

Boats disinfection point

In order to navigate in the waters of the Sant Llorenç de Montgai Reservoir, the zebra mussel disinfection protocol must be followed, both for boats and kayaks, and for the material to be used.

At the campsite you have the necessary equipment for sterilization. It consists of a hose with hot pressurized water and a chlorinated solution.

The cleaning will be accredited with an official ticket that you can buy at reception.

Bicycle workshop

Do not go of route without first checking the bike. You can set it up to our repairs station that contains the tools you need for easy repairs as well as a wheel inflator.

It works with a coin of 1 euro that you recover after management.

Bicycles outdoor workshop.Bicycles outdoor workshop.

Other services

  • Shower service: All thought for your comfort. If you go to the campsite after a hard day of hiking and climbing, we offer you the possibility of using the shower service. It is priced at € 4.00 per person. For more information, you can go to the campsite reception.
  • Processing fishing license: In order to fish in a controlled area, such as the Sant Llorenç de Montgai reservoir, you need a fishing ticket from the sector where you want to carry out the activity, and you can choose between fishing tickets for 'one day or yearly. If you bring us the fishing license, we will manage it. You can contact the reception for more information.
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