Mont-Rebei Gorge

The Mont-rebei Gorge, located between Catalonia and Aragon, is one of the most spectacular routes that remains more or less virgin thanks to the fact that it is not crossed by any infrastructure, only a horseshoe path partially excavated in the rock.

The gorge is formed by walls of more than 500 meters of vertical fall and with points where the width is only 20 meters.

With the passage of time, Noguera Ribagorçana river has divided the Serra del Montsec into two parts: Montsec d’Ares (Catalonia) and Montsec de l’Estall (Aragon).

There are several ways to start the route:

  • From La Masieta Parking (north access). This is the information centre of the defile. Essential prior parking reservation during festivities and high season. Vehicles higher than 2.30 meters are not allowed.
       Masieta Parking <-> Defile 2,50 kilometres
       Masieta Parking. <-> Montfalcó 8,19 kilometres.
       Masieta Parking <-> Hermitage of la Pertusa 9,22 kilometres.
  • From Hermitage of Mare de Déu de la Pertusa (southern access), starting point with great landscape value.
  • From Montfalcó Hostel, starting the route from Aragon.
Montrebei Gorge from the path of the south entrance.Montrebei Gorge from the path of the south entrance.
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