Corn Labyrinth

The Corn Labyrinth is located in rural house Masia l’Esperança, in Castellserà, about 25 minutes drive from the campsite.

It is the first corn maze in the region of Lleida.

The labyrinth is a space that has an extension of up to 3 hectares that offers more than 2 kilometres of roads, some of them without exit, drawn between rows of corn that do not let us see beyond. It is an adventure to find the way out!

The activity is not recommended to people who are very afraid, especially during the night visit, where the sensations increase considerably (it is recommended to carry the mobile phone during the night tour to be able to call and thus facilitate the exit).

Masia l’Esperança (Castellserà).

+34 973 610 387

Approximate opening season: from the end of June or beginning of July to the end of September-October.

What should we carry?
Comfortable shoes and clothes, cap, flashlight and mobile phone.

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