Historic city Urgell Country and capital of the Noguera region, the largest territory in the entire Catalonia. Balaguer has about 17,000 inhabitants and has an altitude of about 240-250 metres and its surface occupies about 57,4 km2.

The city is divided in two by the passage of the Segre River. Offers lots of points of cultural and historical interest due to its strategic location.


Churches of Balaguer

  • Santa Maria. Located in the fairground neighborhood, in Cominges Square, next to the old city cemetery. It is a gothic church of 14th and 16th centuries. It hosts a permanent exhibition entitled “Art in Santa Maria” about Marian Art.
    Just in the left side, you will find one of the accesses to the city wall.
  • Sant Domènec. You will find it in front of the Segre River and Sant Miquel bridge. You can also visit the Gothic cloister that complements the complex. In front of the main door there is a small square where you can sit for a while.
  • Sanctuary of Sant Crist. Characteristic monument of the city, located in Pla de l’Almatà. If you enter, you can see the famous figure of Sant Crist, the original one was destroyed during the Civil War and the current one is a reconstruction with one foot of the authentic one that survived the fire.



In the past, Balaguer was enterally walled. Today, about 500 meters of the wall have been restored, where you can walk and enjoy the magnificent views of the city and its surroundings. The route goes from the church of Santa Maria to the Bombo or Torre Blanca sector.

Gold Interpretation Centre

Enjoy a family activity. Enter in the world of gold prospectors and become one of them.

The center offers workshops and activities where you will get to know the history and you will be able to look for gold nuggets on Segre river. They will teach you how to separate them from the sand and to bring them out with the equipment they will provide. And if you are lucky, you can take the gold nuggets found home!

You will find it located in Molí de l’Esquerrà in Balaguer.

Espai Orígens

Espai Origens is a centre dedicated to the revitalization of the territory of Mont-roig area through its historical and natural heritage. It is managed by the Research and Dissemination of Historical Heritage Association.

The centre is dedicated to the investigation and dissemination of heritage from the educational, recreational and tourist aspects: it aims to relate the knowledge that arises from archaeological research work to the experiential activities carried out for all types of public.


Discover history through a fun way with the little ones in the house. Get close to the Merengue, the Civil War trenches located at the entrance of Camarasa.
During the tour there are posters with information that will give you a glimpse of what happened.
If you want to go with digital tablets, you can contact Espai Origens and they will provide them.

Castles and monasteries

We recommend to visit:

  • Montsonís Castle: its town has medieval charm and rural tranquillity. Participate in the different activities, visit the castle and try the products of the area.
  • Avellanes Monastery: 12th century abbey adapted to the needs of the 21st century and located in a spectacular environment of forests, gardens and vineyards.
  • Os Castle: located in the village of Os de Balaguer, on the left edge of Farfanya River stands out the trapezoidal enclosure defined by its walls.
  • Privà Castle: it stands out for its remaining vault and the spectacular views where, one day, the old village of Vilanova de la Sal was located.


Penelles is a village located at the foot of the Bellmunt-Almenara mountain range, about 25 minutes from the campsite.

It stands out for its paintings on the walls of houses, country houses and farms of the village. An explosion of large murals that we are sure they will surprise you!

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